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Long-awaited Super Duper Labs from the minds behind Myoblox arrives

super duper labs gaming energy

Super Duper Labs, the gaming supplement company from the minds behind the reputable and reliable brand Myoblox, has officially launched this week with its one and only product ‘Gaming Energy’. Like many supplements in the gaming category, Super Duper’s is formulated to increase and enhance both energy and mental focus.

We shared the full combination of ingredients in Super Duper Labs’ Gaming Energy way back in July, including highlights such as 1.5g of tyrosine, a gram of choline bitartrate, and 300mg of caffeine. As mentioned, this week, the all-new gaming brand’s supplement is finally available for purchase in four fun and creative flavors.

The options you have to choose from for Super Duper Labs’ first-ever product are Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Snow Cone, Red Dead Berry, and Banana Bomb Taffy. As for the price of Gaming Energy, a full-size tub of 30 servings is a little less than most of the other gaming supplements on the market at $29.99 or $27.49 in Super Duper’s value pack.