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Gudetama takes center stage in Be Legend’s latest protein collaboration

be legend Gudetama protein powder

Be Legend has another collaboration to share with the world this month, where once again, the Japanese brand partners with a pop culture character. The character this time around is Gudetama, which can translate to mean “lazy egg”, a reflection of the character’s personality in its various media appearances in music, video games, manga, and anime.

The product Be Legend and Gudetama have created is a protein powder featuring a flavor named after the collaboration’s character, Gudetama. It is said to be a milkshake-like protein shake with a smooth milk taste combined with the sweetness of an egg. It still comes with a lean nutrition profile providing 20g of protein from whey and 120 calories.

The Japanese retailer Real Style is now stocking Be Legend and Gudetama’s, Gudetama-flavored protein powder, pricing it at a reasonable ¥3,200 (30.68 USD) for a 1kg bag.

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