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Big-O Review: Sweet, smooth and delicious but keep the nutrition in mind

Big-O is the protein bar from Brandon Curry’s recently released brand O15 Nutrition, Curry, of course, being the 15th man to win the Mr. Olympia title after taking out the competition in 2019. The product is much the same as Marc Lobliner’s Outright Protein Bar, being made with real food ingredients and featuring a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, peanut butter base.

The big difference with O15 Nutrition’s Big-O protein bar is that it is a whole lot bigger than the Outright Protein Bar. Each bar tips the scales at a huge 100g, packing 24 to 27g of protein, 42 to 43g of carbohydrates, 20 to 24g of fat, and 460 to 480 calories. It also comes in two flavors not available from Outright with Fruity Cereal Peanut Butter and Birthday Cake Peanut Butter.

big o protein bar review


As soon as you rip open a Big-O from O15 Nutrition, you’ll recognize the build, as it does indeed look like a bigger version of the Outright Protein Bar. Not too surprisingly, the product has that same smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency as Outright, where your teeth seamlessly sink through the bar, and it gradually and deliciously melts away as you chew each bite.

big o protein bar review

Both flavors of Big-O are far sweeter than any of the Outright Protein Bars we’ve had, with Birthday Cake Peanut Butter being our favorite. It’s incredibly sweet and pairs perfectly with the soft and smooth texture of the product. The result is a true birthday cake taste but in the form of a thick, doughy, real food-based bar that is packed full of protein and calories.

As for O15 Nutrition’s other flavor of Big-O, Fruity Cereal Peanut Butter, that is a sweet-tasting experience too, although it’s mostly dominated by the sweetness and crunchiness of its cereal pieces. It tastes just like the Birthday Cake Peanut Butter but with strong tasting Fruity Pebbles throughout, which doesn’t allow for as much peanut butter flavor to shine through.

big o protein bar review


Both of O15 Nutrition’s Big-O protein bars are delicious and truly feel like a bigger Outright Protein Bar, with their sweet birthday cake and fruity cereal flavors making them feel like an all-new experience. A lot of the Outright Bars have a similar kind of base taste due to nut butter being such a key ingredient, which is not the case in the Birthday Cake and Fruity Cereal Big-Os.

Our only knock on the O15 Nutrition protein bar is the macros, as it is easy to forget how many calories are in it. Big-O is one of the most nutritionally dense products we’ve come across, with, as mentioned, 24 to 27g of protein, 42 to 43g of carbohydrates, 31 to 38g sugar, and 460 to 480 calories. Basically, keep the numbers in mind if you do decide to pick it up.