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O15 Nutrition’s first product hits Tiger Fitness in boxes and individually

o15 nutrition big o protein bar

As promised, current Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry has launched his own supplement company this week, O15 Nutrition, exclusively at Tiger Fitness. A few days ago, we posted the brand has five products planned with the protein powder Big Hydro, pre-workout Exalt, the probiotic Happy Gutz, pump pre-workout Expansion, and the first item to arrive, the Big-O protein bar.

You can purchase Brandon Curry and O15 Nutrition’s Big-O protein bar from Tiger Fitness in both of its tasty flavors, Fruity Cereal and Birthday Cake Peanut Butter. A box of nine of the high-protein product will cost the same as a box of 12 Outright Protein Bars at $24.99, although if you don’t want to commit to a whole box, they are available individually at $2.99 each.

o15 nutrition big o bar nutrition profile

With the launch of O15 Nutrition’s Big-O protein bar has come the full reveal of its nutrition profile, and it is indeed quite a calorie-dense snack. The product provides 24 to 27g of protein, a hefty 42 to 43g of carbohydrates with 31 to 38g of that sugar, a sizeable 20 to 24g of fat, and a mass gainer-like calorie count sitting between 460 and 480.

Brandon Curry’s Big-O protein bar is one of the most macro packed snacks we’ve seen, which has us assuming the taste and texture of it are on point. Once again, you can purchase O15 Nutrition’s first product starting this week exclusively at Tiger Fitness. There is no sale on the bar, but with Christmas approaching, you’ll probably see some discount within the next month or so.