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Flavor number six for C4 Smart Energy to be revealed tomorrow

c4 smart energy sixth flavor teaser

C4 Smart Energy is Cellucor’s beverage aimed at providing a balance of increased energy and enhanced mental focus featuring caffeine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 250mg of Cognizin branded Citicoline. The product actually only came to market one year ago in four tasty, zero sugar flavors, which were finally joined by a fifth flavor a couple of months ago in Black Cherry.

Tomorrow, Cellucor will be unveiling yet another addition to its C4 Smart Energy menu, which you can see a teaser of in the image above. The legacy brand has done a great job at hiding all parts of its name, leaving only its setting as any sort of hint. As you can see, the product is in an icy atmosphere and has a blue color to it, hinting at some kind of frozen blue flavor concoction.

Once again, we’ll have the full reveal of the intriguing new C4 Smart Energy flavor for you tomorrow, with the availability of the product expected to follow shortly after.

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