CT Fletcher gets a signature flavor of Ambrosia’s popular Planta protein

Jan 9th, 2021
chocolate candy caramel planta protein

The collective brand Ambrosia from Marc Lobliner, Sean Torbati, and Mike Rashid, has released its first-ever signature flavor from its most recent addition to the Ambrosia family in CT Fletcher. It was about one year ago Fletcher joined the team as a fully-fledged partner, with his first product actually featuring his signature on the tub and being another flavor of the brand’s popular plant-based Planta protein powder.

Ambrosia and CT Fletcher’s collaboration is a delicious, candy bar-themed flavor in Chocolate Caramel Candy Bar, featuring Planta’s usual 20g of protein per serving from organic pea and brown rice protein. The vegan-friendly supplement already comes in a huge variety of flavors, such as Sprinkle Cupcake and Blueberry Scone, although not a lot of them are chocolate-themed like CT Fletcher’s signature flavor.

Ambrosia’s first signature flavor from CT Fletcher is available now directly through its online store as well as the major supplement retailer The Vitamin Shoppe, with both pricing it at $49.99 for a bag of 25 servings.