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Authentic Protein Bar debuts with 14-16g of protein, tasty flavors and a competitive price

jacked factory authentic protein bar

Jacked Factory’s first entry into the functional food space has arrived under its ever-expanding ‘Authentic’ family of protein products, with the Authentic Protein Bar. Similar to the popular Outright Protein Bar, Jacked Factory’s protein snack is made with real food ingredients, including high-quality whey isolate, honey, and peanut or cashew-based nut butter.

The latest Jacked Factory product packs 14 to 16g of protein, varying of course from flavor to flavor, 21 to 27g of carbohydrates with 15 to 20 of that sugar, 12 to 14g of fat, and 240 to 280 calories. As mentioned, it is similar to the Outright Protein Bar regarding ingredients, build, and balance of macros, and it doesn’t feature any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

jacked factory authentic protein bar

Jacked Factory’s Authentic Protein Bar has debuted in an impressive selection of flavors, with five to choose from. There is Coconut Cashew, which is the only cashew butter-based one, Mint Chocolate Chip with actual mint chips, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The other two are Peanut Butter Candy with peanut butter chips and chocolate, and ‘Kitchen Sink’, featuring delicious chocolate caramel and pretzel pieces.

Like a lot of Jacked Factory’s simple and advanced supplements, it is selling its all-new Authentic Protein Bar at a relatively competitive price. You can purchase the real food protein snack in boxes of six in a single flavor at $10.99 or a full box of 12 for $19.99. That beats most protein bars on the market when it comes to price, and that is without a sale.