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Laperva drops another keto-friendly item although this one is a chocolate-covered treat

laperva keto fit bar

We recently posted about Laperva’s all-new beverage available in its primary market of the United Arab Emirates, with the sugar-free and very lightly caffeinated Keto Cola. The product is keto-friendly, although no more or less than any other zero-calorie energy drink, with an extremely small 5mg of MCTs, only 100mg of BCAAs, and the caffeine at a light 56mg.

Laperva has another keto-named product out this month, however this one is more on the snack side of things with the Laperva Keto Fit Bar. It is a delicious, gooey caramel-filled, and chocolate-covered treat made in Germany. It has no added sugar, high in fiber, a moderate amount of protein at 6g in a 33g bar, and an impressively low carbohydrate count of 4g.

Looking at images of Laperva’s Keto Fit Bar, it does indeed look delicious, something we’ve come to expect from functional foods made in Europe, even more so when they’re mostly about being low carb than high in protein. The product is available through its major retail partner in the United Arab Emirates in Dr. Nutrition at just 7.35 AED (2.00 USD) each.

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