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Approved independent gyms start carrying Max Effort Muscle supplements

max effort muscle gym retailers

Back in 2017, when we met Max Effort Muscle at the Arnold Expo, it was the first direct-to-consumer only brand we had ever come across. While the business model is common now, that wasn’t as true a few years ago. Direct-to-consumer has continued to be the case for Max Effort up until Christmas a couple of weeks ago when it announced its first few retail locations.

What Max Effort Muscle is doing is looking for independent gyms interested in stocking its wide selection of supplements. It has added a page to its website where you can apply for wholesale approval with a few contact details, the gym’s location, and why you want to stock the brand. So far, Max Effort has announced ten gyms that have come on board and picked up the brand.

Some of the locations you can find Max Effort Muscle throughout the country include, Sortastrong in Hawthorn, California, WorkHarder Gym in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Khango in Houston, Texas. There are no doubt many more gyms on the way, and as mentioned, if you’re interested in becoming one of them, head to Max Effort’s website and apply.

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