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Max Protein gives its latest protein spread a unique Dulce de Leche flavor

max protein dolche protein spread

Max Protein is one of the more interesting functional food companies out there, mostly due to how different and creative its products are. The company is from Spain, and this week, it’s added another intriguing effort to its giant selection of food, snacks, and other functional items, with a high protein spread, which is something it already has plenty of.

The interesting twist with Max Protein’s latest product is its flavor, as it is indeed quite unique with a Dulce de Leche-flavored spread. It has no added sugar or palm oil, and features 12% protein, so in a 30g serving, you get 3.6g of protein. The other nutrition numbers alongside that are 7.8g of carbohydrates with 3.9g of that sugar, 2.7g of fat, and 69 calories.

Max Protein’s new Dulce de Leche protein spread, simply named ‘Dolche’, is available now in its home country of Spain, including through its own website where a large 320g jar will set you back €9.90 (12.01 USD).