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Myprotein makes its latest plant-based protein RTD a whole lot leaner

myprotein vegan protein water

A few months ago, international giant Myprotein came out with a plant-based, vegan-friendly protein RTD, packing 11g of protein, although it had even more than that in sugar at 17g. It launched in straightforward Chocolate and Strawberry flavors, and has just been followed by another plant-based protein RTD, although this one is a lot cleaner and leaner.

Myprotein’s latest on-the-go effort is Vegan Protein Water, which, similar to its Vegan Protein Shake, is high in protein, but it does not have any sugar, carbohydrates, or fat. Each bottle of the product provides 10g of protein from hydrolyzed pea protein and zero fat, sugar, and carbohydrates, with a handful of vitamins and minerals, also thrown for general health.

Vegan Protein Water from Myprotein is available in refreshing, fruity flavors with Lemon Lime and Strawberry, neither of which contains any artificial colors. The product is in stock and ready to purchase from the brand’s main website at as well as, both pricing it the same at £18.99 (26.06 USD) for a case of half a dozen bottles.