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Obvi’s original Super Collagen Protein finally gets an unflavored option

obvi unflavored super collagen protein

Health and wellness brand Obvi has been incredibly busy in the past month or so, dropping more new supplements and products than we’ve seen in its short time on the market. We’ve been introduced to the Essentials Series supplements Lust and Detox, a special edition flavor of Super Collagen Protein, and the promising Collagen Whey Protein.

Obvi has now not only revealed another new product, but released it without any teaser or preview. With that said, the product is quite straightforward and something you typically see collagen supplements launch with. It is a basic unflavored option for the brand’s flagship Super Collagen Protein to make mixing into smoothies and shakes that much easier.

You can purchase Obvi’s Unflavored Super Collagen Protein starting today through its website. It is the same price as the product’s other ongoing flavors at $39.99 and with the same amount of servings at 30.

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