Pepsi and Beyond Meat are teaming up to create plant protein drinks and snacks

Jan 27th, 2021
pepsico and beyond meat plant protein partnership

Two giant corporations have announced a partnership that is likely to see some products feed into the sports nutrition and functional food realm. The giants are PepsiCo and the plant-based company Beyond Meat, known for its plant-powered meat substitutes. The pair have come together to form what they’re calling the “PLANeT Partnership”.

“Through the PLANeT Partnership, the two companies will develop, produce and market snacks and beverages made from plant-based protein — bringing together Beyond Meat’s innovation expertise with PepsiCo’s marketing and commercial capabilities.”

Based on that brief statement, it sounds like the PepsiCo and Beyond Meat collaboration will result in some plant-based protein beverages and vegan-friendly protein snacks. There are plenty of brands already in that category making some impressively tasty plant-powered protein shakes and bars, featuring ingredients such as rice and pea protein.

The announcement doesn’t mention any finalized product details, so we’re not too sure when we’ll be seeing the first PLANeT Partnership launch, but it doesn’t sound like it’s right around the corner.