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No B.S. brand RXBar puts its RX AM Oats into convenient packets

rx am oats packets

RX AM Oats from the original real food functional brand RXBar, is a compact and convenient pot of oats also made with dates, almonds, and egg whites. It’s an efficient little snack to have any time and on-the-go, and it comes in four different flavors with Vanilla Almond, and the product’s first three options, Chocolate, Maple, and Apple Cinnamon.

This week, RXBar has come out with a second oat-based product, which is the same concept as its original RX AM Oats, but instead of coming in pots, it’s in sachets. The packet version of RX AM Oats comes in a Maple flavor, like the original pots, and an all-new Cinnamon Spice, both with the same main ingredients in oats, dates, almonds, and egg whites.

RXBar’s packet RX AM Oats have slightly less in them than the pots at 55g each, so their macros are a bit lighter with 10g of protein, 33g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar, 5g of fat, and 220 calories per sachet. As mentioned, the product is the same as the RX AM Oats pots, although you need to pour the sachets in your own bowl to prepare and serve.

RXBar’s latest functional item is available now through its online store at, where a box of 30 single-serving sachets will cost you $39.99, or you can pay $1 more and get a variety pack with 15g of each flavor.

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