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Glaxon’s top-tasting SuperGreens is about to get another two flavors

more supergeens flavors

One of the first supplements our Newcomer Of The Year winner Glaxon was known for was its incredibly and impressively delicious superfood formula SuperGreens. The product truly raised the bar for just how good a greens supplement can taste, and that goes for all of its flavors, which we have tried first hand in Lemon, Orchard, and BurstBerry Iced Tea, with the original Orchard being our favorite.

For those of you that are fans of that particular Glaxon product, the good news is, life is about to get even better. The brand that which was also nominated for our overall Brand Of The Year, has confirmed it is getting ready to release another two options for SuperGreens. Neither of them have been named yet, although based on how good its others are, we can’t imagine either of them disappointing.

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