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Body & Fit tackles joint health with a less traditional set of ingredients

body and fit joint support

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a lot of all-new supplements from the European retailer and brand Body and Fit make use of Duocap capsule technology in various products such as Multi Men and Pro B Duo. This week, it keeps the releases coming, although this time around, it is not a Duocap supplement, with the advanced formula simply named “Joint Support”.

Body and Fit’s Joint Support is all about improving and enhancing joint health, mobility, and comfort with a handful of ingredients, two of which are premium features. The product includes vitamins C, D and E, zinc, 400mg of HydroCurc branded curcumin, and 40mg of the premium UC-II undenatured type-2 collagen, uniquely supporting joint health without the usual glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin.

Joint Support brings together all of those ingredients mentioned in a small and simple, single-capsule serving size, with a full-size box of the supplement having the usual 30 servings. Fans and regular shoppers of the major European retailer can grab Body and Fit’s Joint Support from its online store, appropriately for a little more than your typical joint product at €28.49 (34.54 USD).