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Four exciting new supplements coming from Chemix throughout the year

chemix four more categories

The Guerrilla Chemist’s brand Chemix has built the reputation of putting together reliably effective supplements featuring advanced and well-dosed formulas. Some of its products hold positions on our top five lists, including King Of Pumps for the pump pre-workout category, Cortibloc for weight loss, and most recently, Chemix Nootropic, which is our number one focus supplement.

This year, Chemix is planning to expand its respectable family of products even further, and despite being only two months into 2021, it has said fans can look forward to at least four all-new supplements this year. To keep things interesting, the brand has not named any of the products, revealed any of their ingredients, or even mentioned categories, leaving us wondering what spaces it’s tackling next.

Chemix has said the four upcoming supplements will be a mix of completely new categories that it doesn’t have anything competing in at the moment, and some it already has products in. Based on what the brand is currently missing, our guesses are a stimulant fat burner, a high-stimulant pre-workout or even an updated Chemix Pre-Workout, and a gut and digestion supplement.

While Chemix has grown its variety of products quite a bit in the short two years it’s been available; there are still plenty of categories it has yet to cover. Regardless of whether we’re right with any of our guesses, we’re excited to see what the Guerrilla Chemist’s next lot of creations are, as we have still yet to try a Chemix supplement that hasn’t been effective and delivered on its promises.

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