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Darkside skips the teaser and goes straight to revealing its all-new Ultra Z

darkside supplements ultra z

In the second half of last year, we saw the reputable and well-put-together brand Darkside tease two all-new supplements. One of those was a capsule formula featuring Nitrosigine to support blood flow, and the other a protein powder. While it may have been months since the products were teased, we haven’t seen any updates or an official launch for either of them.

Darkside has however, come out this weekend and unveiled a completely separate supplement, named “Ultra Z”. Like the brand’s still upcoming Nitrosigine product and protein powder, Ultra Z is for a category it’s not currently competing in. This one is going to give Darkside an entry into the world of sleep support supplements in powder form and in a flavor called “Fantasy”.

If Darkside’s Ultra Z is like most sleep products from sports nutrition brands, it’ll feature a formula to improve sleep and recovery to get the most out of the crucial nighttime window. We’ll obviously have to wait to see the formula before we can completely confirm the supplement’s benefits, although we hope this one moves along faster than last year’s teased two.

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