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Jim Buddy’s and its original high-protein donut becomes Wow! Protein Donut

jim buddys now wow protein donut

Back in 2019, functional food company Jim Buddy’s revamped its signature high-protein donut snack with a fresh new look that was a lot more spacious, clean, and modern. That rebrand also came with the introduction of an updated formula of the original Jim Buddy’s donut as well as two all-new flavors in Chocolate and Cake Batter.

For 2021, Jim Buddy’s is doing the same thing again, revamping the look of its flagship product, although the update doesn’t end there. The creative functional company’s latest rebrand is similar to its last one, but that’s not all; Jim Buddy’s is changing its name as well to Wow! Protein Donut, with its donut still being healthy and high in protein.

The goal of Jim Buddy’s rebrand is to appeal to a broader audience beyond your usual gym goer and fitness enthusiast. The name actually comes from the reaction the brand gets when people try its protein-packed donut for the first time. It promises an even bigger wow with its rebranded version also, as it has improved its formula once again.

All of Jim Buddy’s exciting changes, including the better donut experience, new look, and rebrand to Wow! Protein Donut, will be rolling out to stores and stockists next month.

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