White Chocolate flavor announced for Mountain Joe’s decadent Protein Brownie

Feb 22nd, 2021
mountain joes white chocolate blondie protein brownie

The third and final new product for February from Mountain Joe’s, has been revealed, and as mentioned last week when the functional brand dropped its teaser, it is a flavor extension of a current snack. It turns out the on-the-go protein treat getting the attention this time around is the rich, decadent, and incredibly delicious Mountain Joe’s Protein Brownie.

Of all of the products Mountain Joe’s relaunched with last year, the Protein Brownie is one of the most impressive. It squeezes in an amazing amount of sweetness and a truly brownie-like consistency that you can’t stop eating. It debuted in the one Chocolate Caramel flavor, which is soon going to be joined by another tasty creation in White Chocolate Blondie.

Based on how good Mountain Joe’s original Chocolate Caramel Protein Brownie is, we can only imagine how amazing the all-new White Chocolate Blondie is going to be. The product is due to be available soon alongside the brand’s other recently revealed treats, the Raspberry White Chocolate Protein Millionaire and entirely new Protein Granola Bar.