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Mountain Joes

Mountain Joe’s puts a crispier protein bar on shelves at Home Bargains

Mountain Joes Crunch Protein Bar

Mountain Joe’s makes a snack-sized version of its always-delicious protein bar

Mountain Joes Smaller Protein Bar

Mountain Joe’s releases its high-protein take on the classic oat-based flapjack snack

Mountain Joes Protein Flapjack

Mountain Joe’s quickly updates its variety box with its new Chocolate Honeycomb flavor

Mountain Joes Variety Now Includes Chocolate Honeycomb

Mountain Joe’s tackles chocolate honeycomb in the 8th flavor of its tasty protein bar

Mountain Joes Chocolate Honeycomb Protein Bar

Mountain Joe’s unique protein-packed rice cakes still come with a good amount of carbs

Macros In Mountain Joes Protein Rice Cakes

Mountain Joe’s creates the world’s first chocolate-covered high-protein rice cakes

Mountain Joes Protein Rice Cakes

Mountain Joe’s is dropping something completely new and it’s never been done before

Mountain Joes Teases A Completely New Product

Mountain Joe’s makes a high-protein chocolate egg for Easter as well as its Eastery protein bar

Mountain Joes Protein Easter Egg

Easter is coming to Mountain Joe’s by way of a limited flavor and another special edition item

Mountain Joes Eggplosion Protein Bar

Mountain Joe’s starts the New Year with a new look for its delicious protein bar

Mountain Joes Protein Bar Rebrand

Mountain Joe’s brings one of its new flavors to the Arnold and it tastes like a Ferrero Rocher

Chocolate Hazelnut Mountain Joes Protein Bar 1