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Nitrate-enhancing IronWORKS also debuting in Muscle Beach’s Pumping Iron

muscle beach ironworks in pumping iron

Muscle Beach’s nitrate-loaded and promising pre-workout Pumping Iron is expected to hit the market within the next few weeks, and as mentioned, it is loaded with premium nitrate ingredients. A full serving of the supplement packs a combined 5g of NO3-T nitrates — a lot more than any other pre-workout — coming from citrulline, betaine, proline, and beta-alanine nitrate.

NO3-T is, of course, the main feature of Muscle Beach’s Pumping Iron, but there is another intriguing highlight in the pre-workout that you may have noticed if you’ve seen the tub in promotional images. The upcoming supplement also has something called IronWORKS, which like the proline and beta-alanine nitrate, has never been used in a product until Pumping Iron.

IronWORKS is a trademarked and patent-pending, instant nitric oxide technology powered by hydrogen-reduced elemental iron. The idea behind it is, when that elemental iron combines with the many nitrates in Muscle Beach’s Pumping Iron pre-workout, it creates instant nitric oxide gas. It essentially further enhances the pumps from the nitrates for a one-of-a-kind experience.

From what we know, there are still plenty of other ingredients left to be revealed from Pumping Iron’s full formula, as it is a comprehensive pre-workout with compounds in there to support energy and focus on top of the seemingly intense muscle pumps. Muscle Beach will be sharing those features in the lead up to Pumping Iron’s launch which once again, isn’t far away.