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Perfect Sports makes a series out of its immune supplement Immunity Shield

perfect sports shield vitamin c

Like many other supplement companies, last year, perfect Sports came out with a dedicated immune support product named Shield Immunity. The Canadian brand took a complex and comprehensive approach on this one, combining well-dosed common immune ingredients like vitamin C and zinc, with Nutramunity branded beta-glucans and mushroom extracts.

Perfect Sports is expanding and turning Shield Immunity into a family of immunity supplements this month, introducing Shield Vitamin C. Unlike Shield Immunity; Shield Vitamin C is a much more straightforward product featuring only vitamin C, which, as mentioned, is in Immunity. Shield Vitamin C is a simple tub of vitamin C powder packing 300 servings with one gram each.

Shield Vitamin C comes unflavored, so you can combine it with smoothies and shakes to get your extra amounts of the antioxidant conveniently. You can purchase Perfect Sports’ second Shield supplement from its website at $22.99 as well as its many retail partners.