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Supplement Needs makes it all about pre-workout focus in Pre Focus+

supplement needs pre focus

Pre Focus+ is the third and final product in Supplement Needs’ impressive and well put together family of pre-workouts, the other two being the potent stimulant formula Pre Stim+ and the pump focused Pre Pump+. True to its name, Pre Focus+ is the supplement of the three that aims to increase and enhance mental focus, and it’s the only entry in the line that has any caffeine.

Supplement Needs Pre Focus+ comes with a hefty combination of 12 different ingredients, as mentioned, all thrown in there to improve and enhance mental focus as well as physical energy. It does have caffeine, although only a moderate amount at 200mg per serving, with half of that from PurCaf natural caffeine and the other half time-released Active TR Caffeine.

The other ingredients and dosages powering Pre Focus+ include a solid 600mg each of lion’s mane and alpha-GPC, half a gram of citicoline, and 1.5g each of acetyl-l-carnitine and tyrosine. Mucuna pruriens and phenylalanine are also in the mix at half a gram each, as well as vitamin B6, huperzine a, at 100mcg, and lastly, 120mg of ginkgo biloba.

supplement needs pre focus

While Pre Focus+ is a part of Supplement Needs’ family of pre-workouts, it would work incredibly well as a dedicated nootropic product for increased focus for studying, work, day-to-day activities, and gaming. It packs a loaded list of ingredients with a fair amount of caffeine, which is right around our preferred range for a dedicated focus supplement.

Like the other entries in Supplement Needs all-new series of pre-workouts, Pre Focus+ can be stacked with the others in Pre Stim+ and Pre Pump+; in fact, altogether, they look like they’ll make for one hell of a workout. With only 200mg of caffeine in all three stacked together, you may even want to add some caffeine of your own to get it to your preferred amount.

Supplement Needs is expected to make Pre Focus+, Pre Stim+ and Pre Pump+ available for pre-order within the next week or two through the retailer and reputable brand’s website at