Supplement Needs’ Pre Stim+ is a truly unique approach to stim-heavy pre-workouts

Feb 23rd, 2021
supplement needs pre stim

Yesterday we got a complete look at the formula behind Supplement Needs’ stimulant-free pre-workout Pre Pump+, which focuses mostly on improving and enhancing muscle pumps. In this post, we’ve got a similar kind of look at one of the brand’s other two pre-workouts in Pre Stim+, although this is not an all-out stimulant-fueled product you’d expect.

As it’s done in many other categories, Supplement Needs has taken a unique approach to stimulant pre-workouts in Pre Stim+, as while it does have a strong list of stimulants, it is caffeine-free. The brand wanted it to be strong enough to take without caffeine. Pre Stim+ also gives fans the ability to stack to their liking and not worry about any caffeine overlap that typically comes with high-powered stimulant formulas.

supplement needs pre stim

The ingredients Supplement Needs has brought together for Pre Stim+ are relatively reputable and intense, including Compound Solutions’ premium pair of Dynamine and TeaCrine at 250mg and 150mg, respectively. Alongside them, you get 100mg of hordenine, and 200mg each of NeuroPEA, juglans regia, and DMHA, for a potent hit of increased energy and mental focus.

Pre Stim+ will be available directly from Supplement Needs, which is both a brand and retailer, in the coming weeks, with 30 servings per tub in Sour Stardust flavor. Pre Stim+ is designed to stack with Supplement Needs’ other upcoming pre-workouts Pre Pump+ and Pre Focus+, the latter being the only one of the three with caffeine, although only at a small amount of 200mg, 100mg each of PurCaf and Active TR Caffeine.