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Weider continues its spree of new releases with Multivitamin Complete

weider multivitamin complete

German brand Weider has been on a bit of a run as of late, revealing and releasing several products, including Nitro Genic, a pre-workout powder version of HZRD, and another flavor of its Yippie Fruits Protein Bar. To close out the week, we have yet another new item from the popular brand, and that is “Multivitamin Complete”, which is, of course, a multivitamin.

The latest supplement from Weider is a relatively simple and straightforward but comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula, featuring all of your essential vitamins, including a, c, d, and a handful of b vitamins. The brand has tried to make it a little more than some of its competitors by also adding a few extras that you won’t find in your typical multivitamin product.

Alongside the variety of vitamins and minerals, Weider’s Multivitamin Complete has a small dose of VitaCholine, Vinogrape red grape extract, lutein for eye health, and BioPerine for better absorption. All of the supplement’s ingredients are wrapped in a three capsule serving size to be taken once a day, with the usual 30 servings per bottle, available now in Europe.