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Weider’s not even one-month-old Yippie Fruits Bar is getting a second flavor

weider raspberry vanilla yippie fruits protein bar

It was only last month the German brand Weider released its fruity spin-off of the tasty and popular Yippie Protein Bar in the Yippie Fruits Protein Bar. The product is simply a fruit-flavored version of the brand’s well-established protein snack, which launched in one flavor with Lime Tart, packing 14g of protein per bar, 13g of carbohydrates, 7.2g of fat, and 167 calories.

Despite Weider’s Yippie Fruits Protein Bar still being so fresh and new, it has come out with another option for the on-the-go protein snack, and this one sounds a little more to our liking. The second flavor for the fruity Yippie Protein Bar is a lot more common for protein snacks with a sweet-sounding Raspberry Vanilla, also packing 14g of protein and under a gram of sugar.

Weider’s Raspberry Vanilla Yippie Fruits Protein Bar is due to be available in stores in Germany and across Europe soon, including its online store where a single bar will cost you €1.99 (2.42 USD).

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