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Highly-anticipated ZOA energy drink from The Rock launching Monday

zoa energy drink launch

On Monday of next week, the long-awaited and hugely anticipated energy drink from The Rock or Dwayne Johnson is going to be available for purchase. The product is called the ZOA energy drink, which comes with a variety of b vitamins, choline for focus, a light 250mg of BCAAs, electrolytes for hydration, and green tea and green coffee supplying a reliable 160mg of natural caffeine for energy.

The ZOA energy drink, promoted as the “Healthy Warrior Energy Drink”, is as mentioned, due to launch on the 1st day of March, which is Monday of next week. You will be able to order directly from the beverage brand through its website at, although we don’t yet know what kind of price we’re in for or the size options, whether we’ll have individual cans, packs of four, or the usual case of 12.

We did previously confirm the flavors of the ZOA energy drink, with five to be available on release in Super Berry, Wild Orange, Lemon Lime, Pineapple Coconut, and Original. We’re hoping for some sort of variety bundle when the energy drink goes live, with at least one of each flavor, as they’re the best way to try a new product, especially when it has multiple flavors to choose from.

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