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Ugly makes one of its monthly limited launches a permanent flavor

dr ugly sparkling water permanent

In September of last year, beverage brand Ugly put together and released a creatively named flavor for its monthly, limited-time series with the seemingly Dr. Pepper-like taste, Dr. Ugly. The company has now announced it’s bringing back that limited-edition Sparkling Water flavor, and for those that enjoyed the product, this time, it’s around for a lot longer.

Ugly has decided to bring back its Dr. Ugly Sparkling Water as a permanent offering, or what the brand calls a “Forever Flavor”. You can now see the beverage listed alongside Ugly’s other ongoing options on its website at $24.99 for a case of 12. This is the first time the brand has ever done this — make a limited flavor permanent — and it won’t be the last.

In addition to announcing the permanent return of Dr. Ugly, the beverage brand has said there are three other “Forever Flavors” to be named in the coming weeks. We’ll, of course, announce those when details become available but you’ll be able to grab them all through the brand’s online store.

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