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Delicious nut butter brand Fokken Nuts is coming out with a protein bar

fokken nuts protein bar

Functional brand Fokken Nuts is known for its clean and delicious nut butter, available with various nut bases, including almonds, cashews, and of course, peanuts. It also comes in an impressive selection of flavors with the likes of Cookies N’ Cream, White Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Nuts About Brownies, Chocolate Almond Coconut, and Monster Cookies.

Fokken Nuts has a different kind of product to share with fans and followers this week, separate from its usual realm of nut butter. The company has confirmed, that later this year, it is coming out with the first-ever Fokken Nuts Protein Bar. It has put together a mock-up of what the product may look like, but it is only a mock-up and could end up changing.

Either way, according to Fokken Nuts Protein Bar’s preview, it says it’ll have 13g of protein and come in a White Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor. Again, the image is just a mock-up, but it does give us some indication as to where the brand is looking in terms of protein. 13g is not the usual 20g of protein in a bar, although if that is where Fokken Nuts is aiming, it suggests we’re in for great flavor as less protein generally leads to that.

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