Nutra Innovations president confirms an intriguing protein powder for later this year

Mar 10th, 2021
nutra innovations talks about its promising new protein powder

Nutra Innovations recently relaunched its line of supplements with an eye-catching new look, respectable formulas, and covering a wide variety of categories, including pre-workout, amino, and weight loss. This week, we sat down with the president of Nutra Innovations, Greg Helton, to talk about the relaunch of the brand and his aggressive approach to 2021.

You can catch our latest Stack3d Podcast interview on all of the usual platforms — Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts — and it’s well worth a listen. Greg Helton reveals that Nutra Innovations is dropping a whole bunch of all-new supplements throughout the year in an effort to essentially double its selection, which, as mentioned, is already quite extensive.

On the list of upcoming products from Nutra Innovations are a flavored fat burner, a more comprehensive amino-based supplement, and its first-ever protein powder. Of all of the products the brand shared with us, the protein powder seems to be the most exciting, as it’ll feature an industry-first ingredient combination and a potentially trend-setting type of flavor.

It’s basically shaping up to be a huge year for Nutra Innovations under its new president Greg Helton, which is something it promised a few months back, but now we have an idea of what precisely that huge year is going to look like.