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PhD drops clear fruit-flavored spin-offs of three of its popular proteins

phd nutrition clear protein powders

Clear, refreshing, fruit-flavored protein powder is something that’s grown into quite the trend over the past year or so, with several major supplement companies coming out with something in that area. This week it is the UK brand PhD Nutrition’s turn; although it hasn’t just dropped one product, it’s dropped an impressive three, and they’re actually all spin-offs of already available proteins.

PhD Nutrition has introduced Smart Protein Clear, Smart Plant Protein Clear, and Diet Whey Clear. While their names are similar to the originals in Smart Protein, Smart Plant Protein, and Diet Whey, their formulas are different. Smart Protein Clear and Diet Whey Clear both rely on hydrolyzed whey for protein, while Smart Plant Protein Clear is powered by hydrolyzed pea protein.

Again, they all have slightly different formulas compared to the originals, but the one key difference they all have in common is that clear consistency and refreshing fruity flavor. PhD Nutrition has released all of the supplements with three flavors each except for Smart Protein Clear which has four, including the likes of Strawberry, Mojito, Pina Colada, Lemonade, and Peach Iced Tea.

As per usual, the place to go to get the latest from PhD Nutrition is its own online store, where Smart Protein Clear, Smart Plant Protein Clear, and Diet Whey Clear are all around the same price. They each have 20 full servings per tub and cost £19.99 (27.93 USD) for Diet Whey Clear and £22.99 (32.12 USD) for either of the others, Smart Protein Clear and Smart Plant Protein Clear.