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PhD expands its protein selection with 100% Plant and 100% Whey

phd nutrition whey and plant

Popular sports supplement brand PhD Nutrition out of the UK has twonew straightforward protein powders this week, both of which explain their points of difference in their names. There is 100% Plant and 100% Whey; the former a vegan-friendly, plant-based product while the latter is, of course, a protein powder powered by grass-fed whey concentrate.

PhD Nutrition’s 100% Plant comes with 21g of protein per serving from pea isolate and soy isolate, a gram each of carbohydrates and fat, under a gram of sugar, a lean 98 calories. As for the brand’s 100% Whey, as mentioned, that relies on grass-fed whey concentrate for 18g of protein per serving, 2g each of carbs and fat, 1.3g of sugar, and a calorie count of 96.

Those macros do vary slightly across each of the menus of PhD Nutrition’s 100% Plant and 100% Whey. There are five flavors available for the plant-based product, while 100% Whey has one less at four. The supplements are available now through the brand’s website and cost exactly the same as one another at £22.99 (31.61 USD) for a bag of 40 servings.