Bombbar doubles up on chocolate in its third flavor of Protein Pancake

Apr 10th, 2021
bombbar double chocolate protein pancake

One of the many products Bombbar introduced in 2020 on its way to winning our Functional Brand Of The Year Award was the soft, delicious, and protein-packed Protein Pancake. It is the closest thing we’ve seen to Nano Supps’ original Protein Pancake, with a small and round, soft pancake featuring a gooey and flavorful high-protein center.

Bombbar’s Protein Pancake is separate from its Chikalab snack of the same name, with a reasonable 10g of protein and an impressively lean 120 calories. The product initially came to market in two tastes, Milky Cream and Chocolate Cream, which this week have been joined by a third flavor that’ll go down well for those that wanted a bit more chocolate.

The newest addition to Bombbar’s Chikalab Protein Pancake menu is Double Chocolate featuring a chocolate-flavored pancake and a second helping of chocolate in the gooey filling on the inside. The enjoyable protein snack is just as lean as the other options with 10g of protein, 5.3g of fat, 2.7g of carbohydrates, no sugar, and an impressive 110 calories.

As per usual, you can grab Bombbar’s newest product from its website, where you’ll pay a cost-effective 600₽ (7.75 USD) for a box of ten pancakes, which is only 77 cents each.

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