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Mammoth closes out the week with three more flavors of its keto ice cream

butter pecan mammoth creameries

The frozen functional food brand Mammoth Creameries has revealed and released a bunch of new flavors this week for its tasty and creamy, keto-friendly ice cream. Until this week, the brand had four tastes to choose from for its flagship product with its originals Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Peanut Butter, and the 2019 additions, Chocolate and Lemon Buttercream.

In total, Mammoth Creameries is welcoming three new flavors to its ice cream this week, one of them being relatively straightforward in a sweet Strawberry. The other two are a little more like Lemon Buttercream and are quite different, especially for a functional ice cream in Butter Coffee made with real coffee, and Butter Pecan with pecans in the ice cream.

All three Mammoth Creameries’ flavors are available now through its website at $32 for a pack of four single pint tubs. They also have the product’s usual macro range with 2 to 3g of protein per servings, 27 to 35g of fat, 11 to 15g of carbohydrates with only 1 to 2g of that net carbs, and a hefty calorie count of 300 to 360.