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Sweet and refreshing Cotton Candy Grape comes to Cutler’s Prevail menu

cutler cotton candy grape prevail

Jay Cutler’s brand Cutler Nutrition has revealed and released a tasty new flavor for its flagship pre-workout Prevail, which, as we shared earlier in the week, is getting a high-stim spin-off in the near future. Today we have Prevail back in the headlines as Cutler has added another taste to its menu, taking its number of flavors to an impressive total of seven.

Cutler Nutrition’s newest flavor of its Prevail pre-workout is not another entry in its Sour Candy Series, but still an interesting option nonetheless with the sweet and refreshing Cotton Candy Grape. The brand’s own online store is the first place stocking the product, where the new Prevail flavor is also available in a set with a special edition Grape Attack tee.