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Sour Diesel pushes GCode’s ViceX pre-workout to three flavors

1 year ago
gcode nutrition sour diesel vicex

To close out 2020, GCode Nutrition finished with a bang, introducing a sequel to its flagship and first-ever supplement, the stimulant pre-workout Vice. The completely revamped product was named ViceX, and it came with nearly twice the amount of actives as the original, including impressive highlights such as 6g of citrulline malate and 500mg of caffeine.

The only downside to GCode Nutrition’s sequel pre-workout ViceX, was it originally only had one flavor to choose from in Jacked Jungle Juice, although that changed three months later with the release of Pumpin’ Purple Haze. The brand is back again this month, introducing another flavor expansion of ViceX, taking its menu to a total of three with Sour Diesel.

GCode Nutrition launched Sour Diesel ViceX, which is a Sour Peach Lemonade flavor, earlier this morning through its website, where you can purchase it at $44.95 for a tub of 15 full servings.

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