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Lifestacks blends MCTs, nootropics and fiber into its clean coffee creamer

lifestacks tempo coffee creamer

Tempo Coffee Creamer is an all-new functional product that just became available on Amazon from Lifestacks Supplements. It is indeed a coffee creamer that can easily be added to your favorite hot beverage, with the functional side being what makes it so interesting. The product is nutritionally friendly, featuring only half a gram of net carbohydrates per serving, a gram of protein, 2g of fat, and 38 calories.

As for the functional part of Lifestacks Supplements’ all-new Tempo Coffee Creamer, it comes packed with a variety of nootropic ingredients to support focus, clarity, and motivation. The fully transparent formula behind the product includes 400mg of tyrosine, half a gram of taurine, citicoline, rhodiola, huperzine a, just under 2g of prebiotic fiber, 3.5g of MCTs, and 200mg of GS15-4 branded panax ginseng.

lifestacks tempo coffee creamer

Lifestacks Supplements has put quite an interesting spin on a coffee creamer, and it’s also worth mentioning, the product is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and promising a rich taste with delicious overall flavor. Once again, you can purchase Tempo Coffee Creamer online through the major retailer Amazon, where the functional supplement is currently discounted a touch to $28.49 for a bag of 30 servings.