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Morphogen tackles anti-aging in its all-new longevity formula Morphovita

morphogen nutrition morphovita

In February, Morphogen Nutrition rolled out an all-new health and wellness type supplement with Morphomulti, a full-spectrum micronutrient formula, bringing the brand’s comprehensive approach to the multivitamin market. The ever-growing Morphogen followed up with two gender-specific health products in Morphodonis and Morphodite, both stackable with Morphomulti.

The brand is back again this week for another health and wellness supplement that goes even further into the category, introducing Morphovita. While it may sound like a multivitamin, Morphovita is Morphogen Nutrition’s “Life Maximization Elixir”, built to provide a variety of benefits focused on longevity and prevention, with four main ingredients backing it up.

You can see the full facts panel for Morphogen Nutrition’s Morphovita in the image above, including a gram of HiActive broccoli sprout powder, PureQQ PQQ, and Silbinol trans-pterostilbene. The fourth feature of the longevity product is the one Genius put in its anti-aging competitor with beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN but dosed twice as high as Genius at 250mg.

morphogen nutrition morphovita

Combined, the ingredients behind Morphovita aim to support aging symptoms, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar; reduce inflammation and lipid levels; enhance cell signaling and cognition; protect kidneys; and help mitochondrial function and microbiome balance. It is indeed quite a comprehensive approach to the anti-aging category, although if you’re at all familiar with Morphogen, you’ll know that is to be expected.

Morphogen Nutrition’s all-new Morphovita is available now through its online store for the same price as almost every other one of its supplements at $48. It is stackable with any of the brand’s health and wellness products such as Morphomulti, Morphodonis, and Morphodite and is even getting its own Longevity Stack soon alongside Morphomulti and Morphoprime.