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GAT puts a lot more creatine into its new and improved Nitraflex+C

new and improved nitraflex c

Nitraflex+C is another one of GAT’s spin-offs of its original pre-workout Nitraflex, which sets itself apart from the other Nitraflexs by also featuring creatine monohydrate. Over the past few months, the brand has reformulated two of its Nitraflex pre-workouts, including the original and fat loss infused Nitraflex Burn, and now it’s turning its attention to Nitraflex+C.

GAT has announced, it is refreshing and reformulating its creatine-enhanced pre-workout Nitraflex+C. The updated supplement is due to hit the market soon and will feature the formula below, which has a few differences compared to the original. The brand has moved most of the ingredients into non-transparent blends, and just like the recently reformulated Nitraflex, GAT has added Nitrosigine to the pre-workout.

gat new and improved nitraflex c

Another notable change for GAT’s new and improved Nitraflex+C is it has a lot more creatine than the original, 150% more to be exact. The brand has opted for a full 5g dose of creatine monohydrate in its updated version. The product still aims to offer a similar blend of benefits, including increased pumps, performance, and energy with 325mg of caffeine per serving.

Once again, GAT is looking to launch its reformulated Nitraflex+C in the near future, with the same 30 servings per tub as its predecessor and in a variety of flavors, one of which we can confirm is Blue Raspberry.