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Two more flavors surface for NJIE’s new and improved ProPud Protein Bar

njie pro pud protein bar two other flavors

We recently posted about NJIE’s reformulated and rebranded ProPud Protein Bar, promising better texture than its predecessor as well as better taste. It comes with 16 to 18g of protein in every chocolate-covered bar, no added sugar, and previously we only knew of three flavors in Cookie Dough, Cookies ‘N’ Dream, and Salty Caramello Cookie.

It turns out, NJIE has two other flavors launching with its refreshed ProPud Protein Bar, which are also covered in chocolate and have no added sugar, but slightly less protein at 16g each. They look just as delicious as the others, especially knowing about their improved taste and texture, with the nutty Cashew Almond and the salty Hazelnut Caramel.

NJIE’s Cashew Almond and Hazelnut Caramel ProPud Protein Bars are out and available now in the brand’s home country of Sweden, alongside its other three flavors of the product.

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