Tasty new Toffee Twist flavor now available for NJIE’s protein pudding

Apr 29th, 2021
njie toffee twist propud protein pudding

NJIE’s original ProPud product, the high-protein pudding, has a new flavor this week and is a little bit different and unique compared to the handful of other options on its menu. The Swedish brand’s protein pudding is precisely that, a pot of delicious pudding that is high in protein, packing 20g per pot, or you can grab the larger size and get 50g.

The all-new flavor NJIE has introduced this week for its ProPud protein pudding, is as mentioned, a bit more uncommon next to the others that are available with Toffee Twist. It is a rich and sweet flavor, bringing together the delicious tastes of chocolate and caramel, still packing 20g of protein, only 9.6g of carbohydrates, 3g of fat, and 150 calories.

NJIE’s Toffee Twist ProPud protein pudding is out now and available in its home country of Sweden, alongside its other four flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, and Chocolate Ball.

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