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The Nutrition Store combines several potent stimulants for its second pre-workout

nutrition store enjoy the insanity

Enjoy The Insanity is the follow-up pre-workout to The Nutrition Store’s first-ever own brand of product, similarly named Enjoy The Ride. The big difference with Enjoy The Insanity is hinted at in the name, as it is a more insane or intense experience. This week, in the lead-up to the long-awaited launch of the product, the brand has revealed the formula behind its more intense pre-workout.

On paper, The Nutrition Store has undoubtedly created something that should hit a lot harder or at least be more intense overall compared to its original pre-workout, Enjoy The Ride. The two supplements do have some ingredients in common, although the critical difference is Enjoy The Insanity has a balance that leans more towards energy and focus, with less to support pumps and performance.

nutrition store enjoy the insanity

We’ve added the facts panel for The Nutrition Store’s Enjoy The Insanity above, where you can see its main features to support pumps and performance are 3.2g of beta-alanine and a moderate 2g of citrulline. The rest is for that insane or intense experience, including the likes of isopropylnorsynephrine, eria jarensis, halostachine, 300mg of DMHA, and surprisingly, not a lot of caffeine.

The Nutrition Store has gone with 190mg of caffeine in Enjoy The Insanity compared to the original’s 350mg, with 100mg from caffeine anhydrous and the other 90mg extended-release VitaShure caffeine. The retailer is expecting to have its more intense pre-workout out and available in five weeks, so around the end of next month with 25 servings per tub in Lightspeed Lemonade flavor.