Protein World puts marshmallows into its newest Mug Cake Mix flavor

Apr 12th, 2021
protein world smores mug cake

Slender Mug Cake Mix from Protein World is precisely what it sounds like; a bulk powder for fans of the UK functional brand to make their own mug cakes, and true to Protein World’s name, they’re high in protein. A fully prepared mug cake made with the product packs a moderate 6.6g of protein, 2.9g of fat, a hefty 28.4g of carbohydrates, only half a gram of sugar, and 130 calories.

Another highlight of Protein World’s Slender Mug Cake Mix outside of its leaner than traditional nutrition profile is its selection of flavors. Until this week, the brand had six flavors available for the product, as it has now introduced number seven. The newest addition to the home baking supplement’s menu is Gimme S’more featuring soft marshmallows throughout the product’s powder.

Protein World’s Gimme S’more Slender Mug Cake Mix is available through its online store starting this week at £7.99 ($11 USD) for a 500g bag, which is enough for 12 servings. The baking mix is incredibly easy to turn into a delicious protein treat; all you need to do is melt some coconut oil in a mug, throw in your scoops of Mug Cake Mix with milk, and microwave for a short 50 seconds.