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Skinny Food creates a compact shot version of its low-calorie coffee syrup

skinny food co coffee syrup shots

The ever-growing Skinny Food Co, out of the UK, has expanded its Barista Collection, which is a family of healthy, functional hot beverage additives, including zero-calorie syrups and creamers. The newest addition to the lineup is similar to its already available coffee syrups but slightly more compact and convenient, introducing Coffee Syrup Shots in three flavors.

The Skinny Food Co’s latest is a 60ml shot of low-calorie syrup to take with you on the go and add to your favorite hot beverage, whether it be coffee or tea, for extra flavor. A suggested serving size is 2ml, so you get the usual 30 per bottle, which, as mentioned, is very low in calories, with 10mls having just a single calorie, so that 2ml serving is only 20% of that.

On its website, a single bottle of The Skinny Food Co’s Coffee Syrup Shots is £2.99 (4.17 USD), with three flavors to choose from in Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut Praline. The brand also offers a variety bundle with all three flavors in one and at a price that is essentially buy two get one free at £5.99 (8.35 USD).

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