Ugly’s returning and now permanent limited flavors are all available

Apr 3rd, 2021
ugly all four forever flavors

At the beginning of last week, beverage brand Ugly announced the return of one of its previously released but limited-edition flavors, with the critical point being that it’s back for good. That returning flavor was Dr. Ugly, which came back alongside news the brand had plans to resurrect three other limited-time tastes and make them ongoing Ugly Sparkling Water flavors.

Ugly has since revealed and released all four of the limited flavors it’s dropped at least once in the past year, and you can now grab any or all of them through the brand’s online store. The list of newly named “Forever Flavors” as Ugly calls them, are Fruit Punch from last November, Orange Soda from August, Cherry Cola from May, and as mentioned, Dr. Pop from September.

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