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Flavor number seven add to Bhu Foods’ refrigerated keto-friendly bar

bhu foods chocolate mint keto bar

Keto-friendly functional brand Bhu Foods, known for its delicious and creative snacks such as the cookie dough in a jar, has put another flavor on its refrigerated Keto Bar menu. For those unfamiliar with that product from Bhu Foods, it does indeed have keto-friendly macros with 19g of fat, 11g of protein, and 12g of carbohydrates, although 10g is fiber and a calorie count of 240.

Bhu Foods’ newest flavor of the Keto Bar is a great addition to the product in that it’s not like any of the six other options available, bringing together a rich and delicious mix of chocolate and mint. The flavor is officially named Chocolate Mint Cookie Dough, and it has similar macros to the rest of the Keto Bar’s lineup with 22g of fat, 11g of protein, 9g of carbs with 8g of that fiber, and 260 calories.

The all-new Chocolate Mint Cookie Dough Keto Bar promises a truly enjoyable taste, with Bhu Foods saying it comes through with a chocolaty, minty, and creamy experience. Fans of the functional brand can purchase the seventh option for its refrigerated Keto Bar in its online store at $24.99 for a box, however, do note the boxes don’t have the usual 12 bars, but a third less at eight.

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