Body Science puts creatine, BCAAs and a light dose of caffeine in its latest pre

May 14th, 2021
body science blue gummies kos pre-workout

Legacy Australian supplement company Body Science has revealed and released an all-new version of its stimulant pre-workout K-OS, and it is one of the simplest we’ve seen in a while. The brand has put seven main ingredients into the product, three of those being BCAAs and two vitamins, which isn’t a lot, especially compared to what else we see Australian brands coming out with.

Each serving of Body Science’s revamped K-OS pre-workout packs a gram of BCAAs, vitamins B3 and B12, 3g of creatine monohydrate, and a light 100mg of caffeine. As mentioned, the brand has certainly not put a wide variety of ingredients into this one, and you could take more than one serving to pump up the dosages, but with 30 servings per tub, you’ll end up getting through it a lot faster.

Body Science’s all-new K-OS pre-workout is available now through its online store at $39.95 (30.93 USD) with, as mentioned, the usual 30 full servings per tub, albeit not overly loaded servings. The supplement has come to market with three flavors to choose from, two of which are quite straightforward in Lemon Squash and Grape, while the third is a little more creative in Blue Gummies.