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Bombbar drops a dark chocolate version of its delicious sugar-free chocolate block

bombbar dark chocolate chika sport

Chika Sport is a delicious block of chocolate from Bombbar’s functional brand Chikalab that does not have any sugar and was released in a rather unusual way. After the brand teased the product, instead of making it available for purchase, it proceeded to give Chika Sport away as a prize through social media; then, four months after that initial tease, it dropped.

Since launching Chika Sport, Bombbar’s Chikalab has expanded on the product a couple of times; first, it added versions with crunchy nuts throughout the chocolate, followed by sweet white chocolate flavors. This month, the Chika Sport selection has grown once again, this time with another chocolate variant in rich and decadent dark chocolate.

The newest flavors of Chika Sport are 100g blocks of dark chocolate without any sugar, between 5 to 8g of carbohydrates, 39 to 42g of fat, 20g of protein, and 533 to 548 calories. There are different options for the dark chocolate Chika Sports, including straightforward chocolate and two nut-infused variants, one with almonds and one with hazelnuts.

All three of Bombbar and Chikalab’s dark chocolate Chika Sport products are available now through its online store, and they don’t cost any more than the milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors. A box of four blocks will cost you 640₽ (8.70 USD), which works out to only 160₽ (2.18 USD) per block, and as mentioned, they’re big blocks at 100g a piece.