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Cinnamon Churro makes it eight flavors for EHP’s plant-based Blessed

cinnamon churros blessed protein powder

EHP Labs’ alternatively branded plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder Blessed, has landed itself an all-new flavor this week, something fans will already know; it is far from short on. Until this week, the supplement had a strong seven flavors on its menu, including some relatively creative options in Salted Caramel and Chocolate Coconut.

The latest addition to EHP Labs’ Blessed protein powder lineup is another somewhat different type of taste with Cinnamon Churro. It features the product’s usual formula, packing 23g of protein per serving from pea isolate. The other macros are not too bad at 3g of fat, a mildly high 7g of carbohydrates with no sugar, and a calorie count of 140.

EHP Labs’ all-new Cinnamon Churro Blessed protein powder is available now through its online store, where it is listed in the supplement’s 15 and 30 serving tub sizes, although only the former is in stock at the moment and will cost you $34.95.